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All ACC registered counsellors comply with our standards and adhere to our ethics and practice. If you are looking to see if a particular counsellor is registered with us, please use Check ACC register.

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ACC's unique place in the world of professional counselling/psychotherapy in the UK

ACC’s registered and accredited counsellors/psychotherapists are recognised within the professional counselling/psychotherapy world as having achieved the appropriate education, skill, and knowledge to be able to practice safely in all settings. Our levels of membership map to the Scope of Practice and Education (SCoPEd) competency framework developed by six Professional Standards Authority accredited bodies, including ACC, BACP, and UKCP which represent over 75,000 counsellors and psychotherapists. ACC members are employed in the same way as other professional counsellors/psychotherapists, for example, the NHS, schools and universities, prisons, employee assistance services and private counselling/psychotherapy services. ACC members’ unique value is ensuring that clients have choice in selecting a counsellor or psychotherapist who shares, values and respects religious faith and spirituality. Importantly, ACC members work with people of all faiths and none, without discrimination, and within a code of ethics and practice.

As an example of the value of providing a service that is open to all, delivered by counsellors who are Christian, NHS England and NHS Improvement commissioned ACC to provide a counselling service to their employees between 2021 and 2023.

Professional training

Pastoral care workshops and courses

We are committed to promoting quality pastoral care through our training resources which enable:

  • ALL of church to develop quality relationships
  • SOME of church to develop their pastoral gifts
  • FEW of church to equip the all and the some

Each resource is interactive, raising questions, encouraging the sharing of experience, embracing discussion, developing skills where appropriate and using scripture and prayer.

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Upcoming Events

Foundations in Pastoral Care (Northern Ireland)

A 6-session course in Northern Ireland that supports the development of firm foundations for the practical provision of pastoral care with others.

Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care

Workshop aim

Building Blocks in Pastoral Care

Are you seeking fresh insights about pastoral care? Wishing to build upon your existing knowledge and skills? Looking to build your confidence to provide effective pastoral care? Then this 6-week online course might be for you.

Latest News

ACC’s response to UKCP’s withdrawal from MoU

ACC note that the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) has taken the decision to withdraw its signature from the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy in the UK v2 (MoU) and its membership of the Coalition Against Conversion Therapy. You can read the UKCP statement in full here. ACC will be asking for a discussion with the coalition about the concerns that have led UKCP to this decision. 

SCoPEd partnership update

The six SCoPEd partners are providing this update on the important work currently underway with regards to the SCoPEd framework implementation, governance and impact assessment.

Coalition launches toolkit for psychological therapies training to broaden diversity in the sector

A toolkit for psychological therapies training is being launched by the Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-Oppressive Practice, to help the UK counselling and psychotherapy sectors better understand and address race and diversity.