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Counselling membership

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Counselling membership

We are a Christian professional counselling and psychotherapy body that works with other professional bodies and stakeholders to enhance the safety of members of the public seeking counselling services. We are committed to reducing the stigma relating to mental health, and to promoting the value of access to counsellors and psychotherapists who identify as Christian. If you value being part of such an organisation, we would be delighted to welcome your application to become a member.

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Student membership

If you are currently studying a course on counselling or psychotherapy, you are welcome to join us as a student counsellor member. If you are studying with an ACC counselling training organisational member, you will get a discounted membership fee.

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Join ACC register

Being on the ACC register is a mark of quality standards and professionalism. We welcome applications from eligible individuals to become a registered counsellor member. You can find out more about our register here.

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One way to understand the professional development of a counsellor/psychotherapist is that of an organic process of growth through the experience of professional practice and further training. Over time a therapist may develop specialist areas of practice and/or deepen their general skills and competence. In this they will be supported by professional colleagues, especially trainers and supervisors, who play an important part in the ongoing formation of a therapist.

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Counselling organisational membership

We welcome applications from counselling organisations and we offer two types of membership:

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Membership fees

The fees are effective from 1 January 2024.

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Membership FAQs