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How can counselling help

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How can counselling help

Counselling/psychotherapy provides a carefully arranged opportunity for you to talk through issues or circumstances that are affecting your life, in a safe, confidential space with someone specifically trained to help. You may be experiencing painful feelings, distress or confusion which need space and time where you can think about your concerns in a way you cannot do with family and friends. Counselling/psychotherapy is a space for you to consider the way you feel and how these affect you and others around you.

Counsellors/psychotherapists provide this by accepting you without judgment, by listening and understanding, and by helping you make the changes you choose or want to happen. They recognise it is not always easy to express feelings or talk about problems. They use their professional knowledge and skills help you move towards improved wellbeing.

In this process counsellors/psychotherapists will respect you and not take advantage of you in any way. They will not share with others what you discuss together except by agreement with you, or where they are required to by law, for example, for issues of your safety, or for the safety of another person.

ACC counsellors/psychotherapists work in various settings, such as GP surgeries, hospitals, educational settings, counselling organisations, churches and in private practice. They use many different approaches or models in their practice, depending on their training and what they find to be effective. Some but not all counsellors who are Christian may use specific Christian models or theory to underpin their practice and this may be something you wish to enquire about when meeting a counsellor/psychotherapist for the first time.

ACC counsellors hold a personal Christian faith and worldview. However, they do not make any assumptions or have any requirements about your faith, belief or values, and they will not impose their faith on you.

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