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Spiritual direction membership

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Spiritual direction membership

We are delighted to have in our sights a new membership offering for spiritual directors within the Christian tradition and want to belong to an organisation that values the ministry and gifting of spiritual direction and sees it within the broader framework of psychologically and spirituality informed wholeness and wellbeing.  

We want to be able to offer to members of the public who are seeking the services of a spiritual director, a searchable listing of trained and experienced spiritual directors who are accountable to a code of ethics and practice. 

For spiritual directors, we want to be able to provide a space where a community can develop and thrive – with mutual learning and support to progress the practice of spiritual direction within an ecumenical context, sharing good practice and learning from the sister professions of counselling and coaching as appropriate. And for each member we want to able to offer you help and support as and when you need it. 

We are looking to provide membership offerings for students and organisations as well as established spiritual directors. We hope also to welcome into joint membership our counsellors who are also spiritual directors. 

If you would like to help us shape and support this new membership stream, please contact us at

In the meantime, feel free to continue browsing our website to find out more about us.