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ACC is a registered charity (1018559). We are committed to providing professional support and resources to our members and promoting safe and ethical practice; we also aspire to keep the costs of membership and training as affordable as possible. Whether you are donating towards the general work of ACC or to a specific project, your donation will help us maintain our services and further develop our work and ministry.

Support the work of ACC

Your donation will help towards resourcing Christians in counselling/psychotherapy, developing pastoral care resources and support, promoting the work of ACC and our members, and related projects. Your generosity will also help us as a small Christian charity with a limited income to fund our planned growth and reach.

Development of Pastoral Care Resources

Since its foundation in 1992, ACC has been committed to ‘the encouragement, training and resourcing of pastoral carers’. Part of our mission is to be a Christian resource for individuals, churches and organisations which enables the missional purpose, potential and practice of pastoral care to be developed.

Support the work of ACC overseas

ACC support the work of local ministers in Uganda and Kenya to provide pastoral care and training, tailored to meet the needs of the communities in which they serve. We welcome donations to cover the costs incurred in delivering the care and training, often in very remote areas. All funds donated are given directly to those undertaking the work. We thank you in advance for supporting this transforming work.