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Pastoral care membership

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Pastoral care membership

The work of ACC Pastoral Care has a strong emphasis on enabling individuals, churches and organisations to develop good practice. We endeavour to be a Christian resource that enables the missional purpose, potential and practice of pastoral care to be developed. Pastoral care membership provides opportunities to:

  • be part of a growing community of people who desire to offer quality pastoral care in a complex and broken world
  • develop good practice in your ministry of care
  • receive regular news, information and journal articles
  • receive encouragement and support
  • make a contribution to the work of pastoral care in the sharing of wisdom, ideas and resources
  • receive discounts on pastoral care training, conferences and various other resources
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Pastoral care individual membership

Pastoral care individual members are those who are involved in the wider aspect of pastoral care and who may use counselling skills whilst not being a counsellor.

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Pastoral care organisational membership

We offer two types of pastoral care organisational membership:

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Membership fees

The fees are effective from 1 January 2024.