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All ACC counselling members must meet the required standards of registration. This register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care, which is an independent body accountable to Parliament.

You can search our register to find out if a particular counsellor or psychotherapist is registered with ACC.

If a counsellor is not on our register, it may be because

  • they have not applied to be a registered member of ACC
  • they have discontinued their ACC membership
  • they are an overseas member of ACC who has not yet joined the register
  • they are a trainee counsellor on a placement
  • they have been removed from our register (please check this page for removals, suspensions and sanctions)

If you have any questions about our register, please contact us.

We strongly recommend that members of the public choose a counsellor or psychotherapist who is on an accredited register, such as ACC’s. To check other Professional Standard Authority accredited registers, please see here.

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If you are wanting to have counselling/psychotherapy, you can use our directory to find a suitable counsellor/psychotherapist.