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Information on what to do to join

Join ACC

We are delighted that you may be considering joining us. We offer a range of membership categories. Benefits of being a member include:

  • For qualified counsellors, national recognition of professional training and standards through being on an accredited register under the Professional Standards Authority
  • Access through our ‘find a counsellor’ directory to clients who are seeking counsellors who are Christian
  • Opportunities for professional training and development within an ecumenical Christian context concerned with safe integration of religious faith and spirituality with counselling and psychotherapy
  • Fellowship with other Christians involved in counselling, psychotherapy and pastoral care through forums, events and groups
  • Support and guidance as and when needed – help at the end of the phone
  • For counselling centres and training organisations, an accountable body that connects you with prospective clients and students
  • For pastoral carers and organisations, guidelines for good practice, training courses and events, support groups and forums
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