Christian pastoral care is the activity which erupts from the attitude and commitment to love one another because we ourselves are first loved by God.

It is ultimately concerned with developing quality relationships, enabling one another to recognise, follow and become more like Jesus and be reconciled to God.

It embraces a wide range of activity in support of one another, in and beyond the church i.e. in gathered and dispersed church.

It is a missional activity which:

  • we are ALL called to wherever God places us, as we love and care for one another
  • SOME are particularly gifted for, as they are called to specific pastoral care roles and responsibilities
  • a FEW are led to resource through specialist skills, training, knowledge and experience, as they enable the ALL and the SOME

pastoral care uk is committed to promoting quality pastoral care through its resources, however and wherever it is offered by the ALL, SOME and FEW

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