Q.Where can I find the PCUK statement of faith?

Click this link PCUK Statement of Faith

Q. We purchased the Pastoral Care Foundation Course (PCFC) a while ago. Can we still use it now it has been revised into the Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course (RPCC)?

The brief answer to this is ‘yes’ as we wish to honour the purchase you made and the conditions under which you purchased it. However, it is important for you and those you train, to realise it has now been significantly revised and updated and renamed into the RPCC which is now only offered through the PCUK Regional Training Scheme. Trainers in this Scheme will be ‘approved’ after undertaking a Training the Trainers course with us.

Q. What are the main revisions to the Pastoral Care Foundation Course (PCFC), now the Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course RPCC?

The main revisions include the development of a simple, consistent, underpinning theology of pastoral care running throughout each session, the requirement to undertake reflective and applied practice rather than a Journal, more on listening to God and a greater choice of books which course members discuss rather than write about.

Q. What costs are involved in a Developing Quality Relationships (DQR)workshop?

The DQR workshop usually entails the following costs where it is delivered to a church, small group of churches or an organisations. The costs below assume a church or organisation will provide the venue and any refreshments:-

Standard Fee : £175-00, DQR workbook per person @ £1-00 per person, Trainers Travel Expenses @45p per mile by car or public transport rate.

It is often useful, but not essential, for a small group of churches to get together to share costs or perhaps to charge a nominal amount to those who attend to cover costs. If a trainer is involved in an overnight stay extra costs/expenses are incurred.

Q. What costs are involved in a Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course (RPCC)?

Costs for each RPCC are usually worked out per person and will differ as there will be variables to each course based on:-

The trainers fee – each trainer has guidelines on fees and will not charge commercial rates. They are not employed by PCUK and we respect their individual self employment needs.

The trainers expenses – these will include any travel expenses and in some instances overnight accommodation.

The venue and any refreshments – whether these are provided or the trainer needs to arrange them with associated costs.

The provision of the Course Members folders and material – whether the Trainer produces these or the host church/organisation has the facility to do so. They usually cost between £12-£15 to produce.

The number of course members (minimum 10, maximum 20) which affects the course levy – ACC/PCUK collects a levy of £20-00 per person per course member to meet its overheads.

Most courses cost between £60-00 and £125 per person.

Q. What do I need to do to get a Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course in place?

One of the first things to do is to ensure that key people in your church, churches or organisation are behind the idea of running the course, not only to support the training but to ensure that those who attend are enabled to develop and apply what they have learned beyond it. Once you are confident support is in place contact PCUK through the Director of Pastoral Care email pastoral@acc-uk.org who will respond to any initial queries you have and put you in touch with a Regional Trainer as local to you as possible. The Regional Trainer will then link up with you to talk through the details of setting up the course and the finances involved. All of our Regional Trainers are trained and approved by PCUK.

Q. Is the Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course academic and will I get a qualification?

The RPCC is not an academic course, it is not accredited and does not lead to a qualification. It is an experiential course designed to be accessible to all. However, where course members attend 90% of the training sessions and complete the reflective elements a Certificate of Attendance will be given.