MA Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy

MA Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy


Course Provider: Waverley Abbey College

Awarding Body: Middlesex University

Pre-requisite Information: A degree or Diploma of Higher Education in Counselling, which will have typically included 450 tutor contact hours and a clinical practice requirement of at least 100 hours, is required for entry to the programme. If applicants hold a Diploma in Counselling they will normally be required to hold a first degree in another subject 2:1 or above.

A two or three year programme. We recommend that you apply to complete in three years and reassess your completion date towards the end of the first year depending on your available time for study.

Mode of Study
The MATCP programme is taught in six blocks of three days in both Year 1 and Year 2. Year 3 includes two blocks of two days and focuses on the dissertation.

This programme offers residential accommodation, subject to availability.

Entry Points
Students enter the programme at the beginning of the academic year in September.

Course booking details Post qualifying/specialist 1721823394-Shape Counselling
September 2024
July 2027
Waverley Abbey House
23/24 fees
Year 1 £5330
Year 2 £5085
Year 3 £2865