Exploring Pastoral Care

This 6 session, self-led small group course is suitable for ALL church members (e.g. home groups, cell groups and fellowship groups) as well as SOME church members involved, or thinking about becoming involved, in pastoral care in the church and community.

Click here to read a brief extract (session 1) from the exploring pastoral care book.

Here’s one quote from Judith Cobban who piloted the original course in Cumbria:
“What was so impressive about this course was the gratifyingly high level of continuous engagement we nine members of the home group displayed over the period of six weeks. The combination of studying scripture together – focussed as we were on compassion in action; the deep sharing, and the in-built opportunities for each person to lead, awoke the realization that each one of us is a pastoral carer. We were ‘surprised by joy.’ (to borrow C.S. Lewis’s famous phrase)”

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