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SCoPEd Updates

SCoPEd partner update event and Q&A

We’re pleased to announce the SCoPEd partners will be hosting a free online event on 10 June 2022, 10am – 12pm which will be open for all* to attend.
Since we published the January 2022 version of the framework the partners have been working on phase two of our collective work, which includes:

  • an independent impact assessment of the SCoPEd framework
  • creating a shared set of principles – based around fairness, inclusion and transparency – for implementing the framework
  • working towards agreed shared ‘column titles’ which are not included in this version
  • agreeing transparent and evidence-based mechanisms for members and registrants to progress between the columns of the framework as they develop their training, skills, knowledge and experience throughout their professional journey.

This event will invite discussion about the collaborative work of the partners, provide updates regarding the ongoing work of the partnership and offer an opportunity for members and registrants to engage and ask questions.

The Independent Chair of the SCoPEd Oversight Committee, Paul Buckley will host the event joined by representatives from each of the partners along with representation from our Experts by Experience and the Chair of the Technical Group, Fiona Ballantine Dykes.
SCoPEd partners representatives:
ACC – Kathy Spooner CEO
BPC – Jan McGregor Hepburn Chair, Professional Standards Committee
BACP – Hadyn Williams CEO
HGI – Sue Gray CEO
NCS – Jyles Robillard-Day CEO
UKCP – Sarah Niblock CEO

Event date: Friday 10 June 2022
To book please visit the SCoPEd event page here.
All bookings will be taken by BACP on behalf of the SCoPEd partners.

*2,000 places are available on a first come first served basis

SCoPEd Framework January 2022

The SCoPEd framework is a shared standards’ framework, developed by six Professional Standards Authority accredited bodies representing over 75,000 counsellors and psychotherapists. It transparently sets out the core training, practice and competence requirements for counsellors and psychotherapists working with adults.

Please read the joint statement by the SCoPEd partners on the publishing of the January 2022 version of the framework here.

You can view or download the January 2022 version of the SCoPEd framework using the links below.

SCoPEd Framework January 2022
SCoPEd Framework January 2022 (accessible version)
SCoPEd Framework Methodology Update January 2022
SCoPEd Framework Methodology Update January 2022 (accessible version)

Previous Updates

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