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Open Forum on Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Care

Open Forum on Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Care
Big Challenges, Big Opportunities

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Corin Pilling, the UK Director of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries
Corin will be sharing something of the work of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries and his reflections on the challenges and opportunities of the current time.

Teresa Onions, from PC-UK, currently exploring provision of pastoral care support / supervision.
Teresa will be sharing some of her thoughts and findings on returning to PC-UK about the work of pastoral carers and the most urgent need in terms of equipping, sustaining, and supporting the work of pastoral carers.

Marlene Forsythe-Gidharry, ACC Board member, PC-UK Trainer and Chaplain
Marlene will be reflecting from her experience of the impact of the pandemic, exploring issues of disconnection and the challenge of not being able to be present and connected with those in need of support.

Wien Fung, ACC Board member
Wien will speak about the often overlooked and invisible pastoral needs of East and South East Asians such as mental health stigma and the rise in anti-Asian violence, and the opportunities and challenges resulting from the influx of Hong Kong immigrants to the UK.