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Government Green paper on children and young people's mental health ACC Response

In December 2017 the Department of Health and the Department of Education jointly published a green paper on Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision. The Green Paper applied to England only. ACC asked our members for their views on the Green Paper and we are very appreciative of the many of you who responded to this request.
We are also grateful to Elaine Bennett for collating these responses into a paper which was submitted by the deadline of the 2nd March 2018.

Whilst the ACC welcomes the intention of the Government to address growing concerns about the lack of provision of help to children and young people with mental health problems, we highlighted several key concerns. These are:

• An apparent government ‘blind spot’ with regard to the available mental health workforce of Registered Counsellors who have training and experience in working with Children and Young People (CYP) and are safe practitioners
• A lack of provision in the proposal for extending support to the family and recognising the value of community (including Christian communities) in supporting mental health and well being in CYP
• The importance of educating teachers about mental health in CYP during their initial training and providing adequate support networks in schools to sustain teachers and other staff including counsellors who deal with the mental health and pastoral concerns of CYP.
• Adequate resourcing for early intervention, and lowering thresholds for accessing help for CYP in schools and further education institutions
• The importance of a holistic approach to mental health in CYP including paying attention to a child’s faith and spirituality and the essential value of activities such as play

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