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Coronavirus Updates and Resources

We have collated your questions regarding Covid-19 and have put some answers for you to consider. Please click the links to view the documents. For your own self care there is also Pastoral Care information on our Pastoral care website.

We will be updating this webpage as soon as any guidelines change or we have any further information for you.

22 July 2021
For the latest guidance from ACC on the lifting of Covid restrictions, click here.

04 June 2021
Self care assessment

1 April 2021
Guidance for psychological professionals working in NHS commissioned services in England during the Covid-19 pandemic,

12 March 2021

Here is the latest guidance from ACC on the roadmap out of lockdown for counsellors. Click here for the document.

4 March 2021

Video on Sue Monckton Ricketts thoughts on Mental health and the times we are living through and what the church can do to encourage good mental health and good mental wellbeing. Permission was granted via Premier Digital for its use. Click here to view.

12 February 2021

Church Times recently published a featured article entitled Mental ill-health: the hidden pandemic? (read the article here). We sent in our response to raise awareness of the services our members and affiliated organisations provide to support those with mental health issues. Please read our response here (which appears near the bottom of the webpage).

10 February 2021

Resources from Pete English from training day held on 5th February on working with Children and Young People in the pandemic. If you would like to pay to access a recording of this training please contact the ACC team

05 January 2021

In the light of the current Government advice, click here for the latest ACC guidance

23 December 2020

Tier 4 ‘Stay at Home’ Restrictions, Click here for further advice

02 November 2020

Here is the latest update on the new restrictions coming into force 05 November 2020

22 October 2020

Update on the new Covid Tier system and what it means for Counsellors. Click here

23 September 2020

We are aware that the news of a ‘second wave’ and the announcements yesterday will have been unsettling. We urge you to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the government guidelines and announcements and act responsibly in your professional and personal life – so that we all do our bit in containing the spread of the virus. The latest announcements strengthen the push towards the use of masks in indoor counselling sessions and the pull away from working in a face-to-face setting, but there is, of course no specific guidance changes relating to counselling. There is nothing that we are currently aware of (including in Scotland) that yet makes masks mandatory (except in close contact situations where masks and visors must be worn) and prevents people going to work to provide services. The next important announcement is on the 28 September where the guidance on making premises COVID safe, is set to be updated. If we become aware of anything else in the meantime, we will let you know.

28 August 2020

Returning to In Person Practice – The Issue of Face Coverings/Masks + Links to the Self Employment Payment.
ACC’s digest of advice and guidance
Returning to in person/face to face practice.

30 July 2020

As we come to the end of another month where we are still limited as to who we can meet up with. We have ‘Whatsapp’ed, Facebooked, twittered and Zoomed. But ever wondered why you feel more exhausted because of it. Here is an article that might explain why. Zoomed out

26 June 2020

On Monday, 4 July the next steps of the release of lockdown in England will take place and as we know there are slightly different timetables and rules for people living in Wales and Scotland. Here is a copy of ACC’s updated guidance with regard to returning to face to face practice. Returning to face-to-face practice – an ethical decision

18 June 2020

Help for couple relationships during the pandemic
Couples Coping – are attachment-based therapists concerned at the impact of Covid-19 on relationships. They have created a Youtube channel featuring short conversations between them, giving accessible insights into recurring arguments and escalations that might take hold of a couple, both during virus lockdown and in more normal times.
To access these videos please go to

17 June 2020

Webinar: Christian Perspective on Grief and Death in Covid 19.
The webinar looks at death and grief and how as Christians and the Church we can better support those experiencing bereavement and how we face our own mortality. The speakers are Canon Bill Merrington, former ACC Board Member and extensive writer and trainer on grief and bereavement, Rev Yvonne Tulloch CEO of AtaLoss and one of the founders of Loss and Hope and Prof John Wyatt Consultant neonatologist (treatment and care of newborn babies)

There are also a number of Podcasts from Professor John Wyatt on matters of life and death. go to our Pastoral Care during Covid 19 webpage to find out more.

10 June 2020

Here are some further links into on line working:

Psychotherapy Online: The Not So Final Analysis – Dr. Aaron Balick

This is some additional training for on-line counselling – it is being offered on a Pay What You Can Basis

ACTO – Association of Counselling and Therapy On-Line
Recommended Competency

05 June 2020

Click here for ACC’s latest guidance on returning to face to face counselling.

15 May 2020

Example Agreement Templates and Guidance

Newsletter part 1 (7 May 2020)
Newsletter part 2 (15 May 2020)

02 April 2020

Latest update on what’s been happening

Sense Covid 19 document

8 signs you are heading for Burnout

9 Things to help you recover in a burnout culture

26 March 2020

Latest update and FAQ

Towergate Cybercrime link

Towergate HR link

Guidance on Mental health and well being document

Coronavirus, online teaching & learning in the immediate crisis

Refuge for victims of domestic abuse this organisation is still open and taking referrals

20 March 2020

Information for working with children and schools during this time

19 March 2020

Some ACC members were part of the 1,700 people who joined a live on-line Q&A session Wednesday evening. Click here for a summary of key points discussed by the panel. For anyone who missed it, you can see the recording for free by following this link and on-line events have also given open access to members of the resource pack.

18 March 2020

Dear ACC Members and Affiliates

Every person in the UK is being asked by the Government to comply with their latest advice and guidance, and as you must be aware, we are in rapidly changing territory. This email is mainly addressed to counsellors, however we thought that all our members might benefit from knowing the advice relating to counselling. We are posting all emails and updates on the front page of our website under ‘Latest News’. It may not always be possible to send out bulk emails, so please check this website regularly for further guidance.
click here for Email update

Other useful links
UK Government:
Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Therapists Hub

13 March 2020

For Members and Affiliates

For Accredited Counsellors, Managers and Supervisors

Our friends and colleagues at Online Events have sent this link for ACC members to have free access to a special event that they are putting on to support counsellors manage their work in the light of the COVID 19 Pandemic. Its entitled Coronavirus:Considering Our Responses And Responsibilities and is a live discussion between Kate Dunn & Carole Francis-Smith taking place at 6.30-7.30pm on Wednesday March 19th.

Thank you to all who have already responded to our email this morning. One member recommends using WhatsApp for its end to end to encryption. Another has brought to our attention that the government guidance about when to isolate has changed since the note for clients was drafted, and another has asked about what to consider when switching to telephone counselling (further details to follow).

4 March 2019

Corona Virus Risk assessment

NCVO Corona Virus advice

If you have any questions please contact the office email