Renew your membership

To renew your ACC membership please login using your email address and the password you chose at application.
On that page you will see on the left hand side ‘membership’. Click on membership to see your renewal fee and date of renewal. Other options are available there if you need them.
Then click on the renewal button to complete the process when you are satisfied you have everything finished.

For those renewing membership some of the form is prefilled – you need to check this information is accurate on the form but also very important – do not press update/submit until you have answered the safe practice questions every year

Please note that if you want to keep a paper record of your renewal application you can print a copy using the button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. We suggest you use duplex printing as it may run to 14 pages at present. We are workng on this to reduce this effect. By logging into the members’ area you are always able to see your last submission in “edit my record”.