ACC recognises Christian counselling training courses that meet the published criteria which are available to Training Organisations from Head Office (Training Standards (Administration)) .

Criteria for the recognition of Supervision courses are also available from Head Office (Training Standards (Administration)) .
These courses are a necessary part of the process of accreditation for individuals. See accreditation pages for details.

Many of the courses also have secular validation, for example, from the Open College Network.

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Criteria for the approval of courses for training Pastoral Carers are available from Head Office (Training Standards (Administration)) .

List of Training Organisations
We have a listing of organisations that offer Christian Counselling Training. (See the List of Training Agencies document downloadable from the right-hand sidebar.) However you may wish to contact any given agency and ask the specific question about whether or not any given course is ACC 'recognised' or 'approved' if you wish them to be admissible for individual accreditation purposes with ACC.

Many will be ACC recognised or approved but not necessarily all. It should be emphasised that it is not mandatory that training undertaken is ACC recognised or approved and you can still apply for accreditation but would be asked to complete an accompanying essay saying how your Christian faith informs your counselling practice. (See Accreditation criteria.)